Model w ben_0079Artist—Architect—Teacher

Ben Ostrander began designing and building furniture over 35 years ago. He refurbished his first table at the age of 12.

He designs furniture to fit your body and your surroundings. His designs are often adjustable for different body sizes or are specifically designed for the smaller frame of a women or for people with special needs.


Ben graduated from the Fine Furniture Program at Camosun College in Victoria, British Columbia in 2008. He also holds a degree in architecture from the University of British Columbia (UBC) School of Architecture and a degree in genetics from the University of Alberta.

His designs are inspired by his study of architecture and genetics and by his 33 years as an architect.

To learn more about Ben’s approach to design, see Philosophy.

Design Career

Ben began his design career as an architect in 1975. Through his 33 year career in architecture design and education, he was drawn to ergonomics and human dimensions:

  • Founded RBO Architecture Inc—specializing in human function and disabilities—in 1987 and was its principal architect until 2004.
  • Taught masters courses in ergonomics, human dimensions, and design for people with disabilities at the UBC School of Architecture.
  • Coordinated residential architecture programs.
  • Consulted for CMHC: Interviewed seniors across Canada to understand and resolve architectural challenges facing seniors.

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