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Ben Ostrander designs are motivated by his passion to create beautiful and unique furniture that imitates nature. He draws his inspiration from nature, genetics, and architecture to create unique designs that are durable and attractive.

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Ben designs and handcrafts each piece of furniture with care. Into each piece, he incorporates his extensive knowledge of ergonomics, human dimensions, and designing for seniors and people with different abilities.

He works closely with you to create a unique design that is an extension of your personality. Each piece is designed to fit your body, match your lifestyle, and complement your home or office.

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Handcrafted from natural materials, Ben Ostrander studio furniture is durable, functional, comfortable, and attractive. Each design is a limited edition, or a one of a kind.

Handcrafted. Furniture is tenderly designed, shaped, and assembled by hand.

Natural materials. Building elements are primarily western wood—such as big leaf maple, walnut, and Douglas fir—accented with contrasting wood and glass.

Durable. Pieces are crafted from solid materials using robust design techniques, such as traditional tongue and grove joints.

Functional. Designs suit the room, person, and use.

Comfortable. Designs are custom fit to your body. Many pieces are adjustable to fit different people or uses.

Attractive. Designs use proportion—principle of the golden mean, organic shapes—non-rectilinear contours imitate nature, and texture to create beautiful designs that beg to be touched.

Limited edition. Designs are limited to ten or fewer pieces.

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