Jellyfish side table

Furniture designed for you

Ben Ostrander designs studio furniture to fit your style, how you will use the furniture, and the décor of the room. The result is a unique design that is durable and attractive. Ben works with his clients throughout the design and construction of a piece to fine-tune its shape, dimensions, details, and finish. He is skilled in designing furniture for ergonomics and for people with special needs.

A commissioned piece typically takes three to six months to create.

For example prices, see Pricing.

Each piece is designed and built by Ben Ostrander in four phases:

Design Phase

  • First meeting. Ben meets with you in your home or office to understand how the piece will fit your space, your design style, and your size.
  • Initial design concept. Ben creates sketches to match your design goals and details.
  • Revised design concept. Following your feedback, the initial design concept is refined.

Approval Phase

  • Detailed drawings and quote. Ben prepares detailed drawings—to guide the building process—and a quote for your approval.
  • Design approval and first deposit. To begin the construction process, please forward a signed copy of the quote and a  deposit of one-third of the fee .

Construction Phase

  • Reviews. You are periodically invited to review the progress of your piece and discuss refinements.
  • Assembly. You are invited to view your piece when it is assembled.
  • Second payment: A  second payment of one-third of the fee is due at the assembly viewing.

Completion Phase

  • Finishing. Ben puts the finishing touches your piece.
  • Final payment and delivery. The final payment of the amount remaining is due before pickup or delivery.

To discuss your next custom designed furniture, phone Ben.